Exercise Convergence - Uniting squats, plyometrics, and sprints into one safe, easy to use machine that develops the attributes of Game Winning Moves: First Step Quickness, Explosive Acceleration, Vertical Leap and the Energy System for sustained performance.

The Pneubounder � A hybrid between plyometrics and resistance exercise. Users of all levels develop the fast-twitch muscle fiber underlying quick reactions and explosive movement, in a training environment that minimizes the risk of falls or overuse injuries.  No cords, boxes or shoulder weights required:  just natural, high velocity movement using Plyo Systems patented Variable Stroke Air Spring technology.

The Pneubounder is a Low-Impact, Full Body Exercise that concentrates workouts to give you all the fat burning, muscle toning, core engaging, functional strength your athletes and gym members require to meet fitness goals with the greatest time efficiency of any machine on the gym floor.

No other machine combines it all:


  • Low-Impact, Explosive Jump Training
  • Speed Development and Quickness
  • Lower Body Power and Reactive Training
  • Exercise in a Functionally Correct, Upright Posture
  • Develops the Core, Gluts, Quads and Hamstrings
  • Target muscle / joint complexes for greater Joint Stability and Dynamic Range of Motion
Balance & Coordination
  • Sensorimotor Conditioning
  • Integration of lower body power and Core Muscles
  • Develops Strength and Reaction Speed in Lower Extremities
  • Anaerobic Sprints or Aerobic Conditioning
  • High Intensity Interval Training � That�s Safe and Easy on the Joints
  • Variety and Convenience for Circuit Training  Protocols
Sport Performance Testing
  • Easy to use Biotelemetry for real-time performance feedback and improved motivation
  • Digital file capture for �Wingate� style, Anaerobic Testing & Analysis
  • Measure and compare Total Work, Anaerobic Power and Anaerobic Capacity, for each client, team or athlete. Conduct and record either bilateral or unilateral Power Tests
Rebound Exercise
  • Increased Gravitational Pressure from Vertical Action Improves Lymphatic Drainage
  • Low-level Biomechanical Loading for Muscle & Bone Development without joint distress or excessive vertebral disc compression
  • Perturbations of jumping disturb balance and elicit balance reactions that improve body, spatial and sensory awareness.